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Topic: Can I use two sensors on an Arduino Nano to a single SSD 1306 output? (Read 115 times) previous topic - next topic


I am using 2 accelerometers (mcu6050) on a project. I would like to use a single SSD1306 for the display, 1 line for accelerometer1  and the next line for accelerometer 2.   I know that a5 is for  scl  and a4 is for sda.  This would be for 1 sensor.  Are there other pins I can use for inputs for the second sensor?


You are referring to the I2C bus, which can accommodate several devices of different type, and something you certainly need to learn about. You cannot put an I2C device on other pins, and I'm sure you would never want to anyway. The SSD1306 MAY be an I2C device or maybe not.


Note that many I2C chips have a pin or pins that configure alternate I2C addresses.  All copies of the same
chip on an I2C bus must be configured with different addresses for things to work.
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