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Topic: My MPU6050 doesn't light up when I connect it to a power supply. (Read 114 times) previous topic - next topic


I've Just received my MPU 6050, but it doesn't work. I have connected the 5v arduino pin to VCC and the ground of the arduino to the ground of the MPU 6050. My MPU 6050 doesnt licht up when I do this.
I have cheked the pins of the MPU 6050 for continuity and there is continuity.
Is My MPU 6050 broken?


It doesn't light up? Do you have some kind of module? Please share that.
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Have you confirmed that the built-in LED works? I was looking at some photos of the module and there seems to be no LEDs near the VCC and GND pins. The only LED on the module is near the AD0 and INT pins, which may indicate that the LED only lights up when these pins are activated. Try uploading a sample code to the module to see if the LED lights up when you do so.

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