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So ... My general idea was: use nano for keypad and on/off relay for raspberry pi

Nano and Pi are connected with USB and all that works fine (nano sends keystrokes to pi like serial connection, not keyboard)

Problem is: I can use relay to switch on Pi ... but at the some moment usb on Pi gets initialised and reboots Nano (switching off relay and instantly turns off Pi) ... doesn't matter if active high or low

Relay is standard Arduino relay (tonglong JQC-3FF-S-Z very similar to this)

Any help is appreciated


The issue is that Arduinos are designed to reset when the USB connection is enabled.  This is the mechanism by which the bootloader is forced to run to enable uploading a new program.

There are some alternatives for disabling this feature here: https://playground.arduino.cc/Main/DisablingAutoResetOnSerialConnection/

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