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I am not sure where to post this but I am getting errors trying to use the Pro IDE. The error is:
"Error during Debug: Cannot get command linr for tool: cannot get programmer tool: undefined 'debug.tool' property"

How do I fix this?


Hi @sj_h1. Which Arduino board are you using?

This error is caused by using a board that does not have Arduino Pro IDE debugging support. Of the official Arduino boards platforms, currently only the Arduino SAMD Boards platform (MKR, Nano 33 IoT, Zero) has debugging support.

There's no reason 3rd party boards platforms can't add Arduino Pro IDE debugging support, but I'm not aware of any that have done so.



Yeah, there is no debugging support for the Uno in the Pro IDE and it's not sure that there ever will be.

The best board for debugging is the Arduino Zero. The reason is that it has a built in debugger, so you only need the normal USB cable connected to the Zero's Programming Port to debug.

The second best board for debugging is the Arduino MKR 1000. You do need to buy a separate debugger for this board (I like this one), but the MKR 1000 has the standard SWD header on top, so you can just connect the debugger right up with its cable.

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