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Thanks Railroad, for all of your help. This has really helped me out. Much appreciated.


My pleasure. Nice to assist You. You are very responcive. I have also been asking Forum for help and I still do now and then.
Use Your knowledge. If that's not enough, look for education.
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The power supply is a breadboard supply: Breadoard Power Supply

I'm powering that with a 12v adapter plugged into my wall.
That supply is only marginally more useless than the regulator on the UNO/ Nano (and similar).

There is virtually no heatsinking on the regulator, so the theoretical current capability of 700 mA is in fact, totally meaningless!


So my timings were taken without a load on the servo. 0˚-60˚ with 5v power (from external 'breadboard' supply) takes approx
I reckon you need a much bigger servo.

Even with a 7.2v power supply your present servo will be struggling with the load you have on it.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

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