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I realise that, hence my interest in progressing with this version.

My thoughts are run one timer with a 20ms period which at each overflow, runs a blocking routine for 1-2ms using a software delay to position servo. This would continuously run, and I'd manipulate the variables from the main loop, with non blocking delays and your state machine coding to select responses (when I get around to reading up on that xD...)

From the reading around I've done, it appears to be an uphill battle trying to run the ON duty cycle with a timer while maintaining the resolution needed for smooth servo movement - with an 8 bit timer at least.
I must admit while I can, if I painfully slowly grind through other libraries, I get a bit cross-eyed reading code with bit manipulation and processor registers.


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Perfect application for the 'State Machine' and BWD Timers.

Read the examples, then start things out and we can help.

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