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Hi my first post, also my first time playing with an Arduino Pro mini, I'm not much of a codie.. yet, although I have messed with some PIC basic.  The guide is encouraging me to have a crack at it.  I purchased the Arduino & usb breakout to load a specific program for the Arduino hooked up to the Wii motion+ and Nunchuk for helicopter stabilisation, this project with the open source code, is giving better results than most of the expensive heli stabilization systems out there  ;) plus I can tweak the code to suit my setup, something rarely offered with commercial systems.

I've ordered a couple more Arduino's so I can have some spares to learn as many code examples as possible.

Many thanks for this great guide.

Steve .. Arduino n00b


Dear Mike,

I would like to thank you for writing such a wonderful guide for beginners... I learn a lot especially those shift registers and multiplexing and it was nicely written with a lot of details..

Keep up the good work!!!!





I have downloaded your book and thanks to you, I understand :)

Thanks and Best regards,


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