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Thank you. Both for such a great book, and for letting me reference it!


Thank you very much of this great introduction book to Arduino! I come from Indonesia. Can I translate this book to my own language and sell the book only in my country? It is very helpful for our student.

Iwan Suryolaksono


No, you are not allowed to use the book for profit.



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Good book thanks. I keep refering to it.
Concerning the licence  attached ,Its always seemed to me like saying "I will give you this gun and amunition on condition you don't shoot me with it."

Trying to enforce it in another country would be expensive and mostly futile I would suspect unless there were reciprocal legal agreements between Governments- treaty's etc.

After all ,once you give something away you lose all rights over it . Ignoring what laws may or may not have been passed for copyright ,if you don't give something entirely then you don't give it at all in my book.


It is my book and I spent months making it. I therefore have full copyright over it and its content and therefore have every right to ensure no-one profits from it. It is a free book and should stay free.


Yep I appreciate that but you are missing the point . Did you give it away ?
If Yes ,you have no rights about what people do with it in a court of law that I am aware of. If you think you do have then detail them and I will looook into it . I am in a Commonwealth country too. How do you think you would go in the States or say India or Pakistan or China.

They would all be different and mostly non-existent to you I think.


I believe that Mike Mc has full copyright over his work, including in most countries internationally, including India, Pakistan, China and Indonesia, as per this article under both the listed conventions as he has included a copyright notice on his work.

Mike Mc: Although as stated above I think you are covered if you are worried about it I would suggest that you find a well accepted licence (such as creative commons) that has been known to stand up internationally.


Thanks Mike.

I have put a link to download your e-book in my blog.




Zed0 you are correct that the work is protected under International copyright agreements.

I have now amended the licence so that it is covered by the Creative Commons "Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported" licence


It's in Malay language. Our national language in Malaysia.



I have add a link to translate the blog to English, French, German and Italian.


i am just learning form your book its brilliant by the way good job!

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