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it's not a shoving match against messenger and bitlash that's for sure


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I love this library, and I can see how it will make many projects easier.

I saw somewhere that you advised against using the Arduino IDE's "Serial Monitor" to test the library as it does not send a carriage return and therefore never "completes" messages.

I'm using Arduino 0021 at the moment and it allows you to choose between no line ending, Newline, Carriage return and 'Both NL and CR'. The last option seems to be OK for testing Messenger.


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Hi Thomas,  this library looks very interesting, I am pretty much a  newbie.
I am soon going to try making a wireless link to send a  16 character ascii message via a celphone sms.
Each message would have a space separator, and there would be a CR at the end of the SMS transmission

Can I just run my initial idea through the forum to see if I am on the right track before I start studying the celphone protocols. ( its not a "write me the program"  request )

If I can get a celphone module to output a string of ascii characters representing the text message, could the message library output 16 bytes at a time for me to send on to a bank of 328 chip decoders ( each with its own address and processing ) ?

Or I could have each chip decode the messenger if there are enough resources - the chip has quite a large lookup table to contend with..
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