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Hey All,

I've just made a single-page arduino cheat sheet! I've managed to cram in every function and syntax listed in the extended reference on one page, as well as some specs on common chips and pinouts.

PDF and editable visio copy here:



Very good, can function as didactic material support! Excellent work


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Really nice job, Gavin. Nicely formatted too.


Control Structures section
(2nd) case, (2nd) break, default to be bold font?

Compound Operators section
[glow]*[/glow]= (compound multiplication)

Analog I/O section
analogWrite(pin, value) [glow]//[/glow] PWM

Bits and Bytes section
bitn: 0=LSB, 7=MSB

 int available()
 int read()

 attach(pin[glow], [min[/glow]_uS, max_uS])

Hardware chart (in the upper right corner)
Nano has 8 analog input pins, not 6

[edit]Constants section
2.4e5 // 24[glow]0[/glow]000
(and without the ',' for international use (European decimal mark))[/edit]

Coding Badly

editable visio copy

Are you encouraging others to make changes?

If the answer is yes, I suggest providing brief instructions on the process.


Thanks for the suggestions TBAr! I've launched version .02b to cover them.

Also figured out the intricacies of my PDF generator. You can now read the small pinouts.

@Coding Badly: I put the visio file there so that people who want to change it have something more friendly than PDF. I'd prefer to implement suggested changes myself and keep the latest-and-greatest file in the same place. However it's all C.C. stuff, so anyone that wants to take it is welcome to :)


You're too quick, Gavin.  ;)

I thought I would catch you with my edited 1st post above before you saw it and reacted to it.

2.4e5 = 240,000, not 245,000 (which is 2.45e5). The ',' remark was only a suggestion anyway, most Europeans will not be bothered by it.

Sorry to give you more work because of my edited post instead of posting anew. :-[


*laughs* Yep, I saw your edits too late TBAr.

I've now made the change to my copy of the visio and I'll roll it out with the next round of suggestions.

I'm toying with the idea of doing an inkscape sheet next...


I'm toying with the idea of doing an inkscape sheet next...

Great idea and much more in the spirit of CC


Hi, and Thanks!  
Thats a great reference.


Yeah, thats cool!

Go on!!!!!!

Thank you for your work!

Greetings ChrisS


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The I2C diagram, as simple as it is, can easily be misinterpreted.  This is a bit hard to describe without a drawing but here goes.  On the SCL and SDA lines the horizontal lines to the right of the resistors should end at the bottom of the vertical lines going to Vcc.  Or, better yet, the resistors themselves should just replace the vertical lines.  As it is drawn now you have three Vcc lines above the ground on the right side of the drawing.



Really nice! It's very helpful


It's good, but the image is in too low a resolution for print. If I blow it up to A4 and print it out it looks crap.


There's a PDF link at the bottom of that page that's printable.  The link on the image should just go right to that PDF I think.


Ahh I didn't spot that. That's perfect. Thanks.

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