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Hi folks,

I've spent a little time putting together a tutorial for producing an Arduino Shield PCB from start to finish. I'm hoping it'll be a useful resource for people wanting to extend their Arduino's

The tutorial can be found here: http://aaroneiche.com/2010/06/24/a-beginners-guide-to-making-an-arduino-shield-pcb/



I was just thinking about making my own shield the other day.  now I know how  :)  plus $5/square inch for three copies doesn't seem to bad.

FYI....the link to your PCB rules under "things you will need" is broken, although I did find them from the other monthly pcb order links


Thanks Donkahones,

I hope you find it thoroughly useful. Thanks for letting me know about the broken link. I have fixed it.


Thanks, that's a very detailed tutorial and therefore really helpful.

I'd just like to point beginners to the alternative of using Fritzing. It's really made for quickly creating Arduino shields, if your demands are not too advanced. There's a tutorial at http://fritzing.org/learning/tutorials/designing-pcb/.



Thank you, thank you!!  I stayed up wayyyy to late goiing through this but finally finished it. :D


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Cool tutorial.

Here is an Arduino shield template I created for my own projects


Leon Heller

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I've done something similar for the Pulsonix software I use. I imported the Arduino Eagle Duemilanove files into Pulsonix, extracted the board outline, connector positions and mounting hole positions, and saved them as a PCB profile file. It only took a couple of minutes:

Leon Heller

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