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I want to make Android app which can send and receive data from Arduino WiFi Rev2.
For example I want to send a value as a delay to control my stepper motor speed and receive a temperature value from sensor. I didn't find any tutorial or document regarding this problem. I would be so thankful if anyone can help.  :)


See my post on Access point poor performance.  I just uploaded a simple web page that uses get and post methods to send and receive data from the board.  You are welcome to use that as a starting point.  You should be able to use a post or get to send data to the board.  In my code the client requests data once per second.

This web page tool may be of use as well.  http://davidjwatts.com/youtube/esp8266/esp-convertHTM.html

When you make modifications to the html code the webpage will convert it so you can compile the code as a variable.  Be careful not to exceed the ram on the board.  If your web page gets too large you may have to split it up prior to down loading.  The compiler does not handle string lengths well so you will have to write code to take care of that.

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