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Hi sircastor,

I'm looking forward to your latest version.


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Me too! I'm looking to into buying my first Arduino and am really thinking I should go the kit route. Hopefully you can get around to updating it here in the next week or two :)

Till then I guess I'll read part2 you posted a bit back...



There are now kits available for my book. Initially just in the UK, but rest of the world to follow.

I write books about Arduino and Electronics: http://simonmonk.org


I am am US Arduino noob and am wondering what the cost hit is for ordering a kit form the UK.  I like the looks of the UK kits more than some of the US offerings but don't know if the parts costs more over there and the added shipping make it worth it.


Okay folks. It took a lot longer than I expected, but I have finally finished the update.

V2 is now in chart form, offers convenient tooltip explanations of components, and has toggle-able reviews. This not only makes it easier for me to update, but I think easier for a basic user to understand the different kits and their values.

The new version has taken residence at my electronics website http://ConductiveResistance.com.
The comparison chart is located here.

Comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Improvements will be made as ideas come to me and I have time. If you know of a kit that should be included, shoot me an email at info@conductiveresistance.com

Note: Rule of thumb about kits is that they must include an Arduino and be intended as a kit for introducing a person to Ardunio.

Thanks for all your encouragement and patience as I was putting this together.



Excellent piece of information. Job well done!



SirCastor. Thanks!  You inspire us to put the effort into sharing stuff!


Thanks, very helpful list, so that I can decide which part I should have in stock.

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