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Here is a documentation of my progress with an interface circuit between an Arduino Board and an Xbee zigbee module: http://mrtof.danslchamp.org/AXIC

Thomas Ouellet Fredericks


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hey looks great!!!
I've posted it in the playground wiki, so if you want to modify the details and
expecially add some information, please do so! :)

the wiki is the special repository for all this kind of usefull resources...
they might get lost or be difficult to find again in the thousands of forum posts.
to subscribe go here http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/LoginForm

for now the tutorial links to your page, but It would be great if you could add something to the Arduino Wiki
some introductory information for newbies...
I would add something like:
- links to "what is ZigBee" from wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZigBee
- why did you choose ZigBee?
- why do you think is better than other wireless technologies?

but your contribution is already great!

merci beacoup :)

ps. please add yourself and your site to the people's list of Arduino users


I am raised(brought up) French of high school diploma +2ans electrotechnics ( bts ) and we plan to realize the piloting of the street lighting through connection without son(sons,thread). We are convinced that the Xbee module will be for the height.

But can you say to me if the Xbee module possesses one programmable internal tempo or needs he(it) to add one?

Thank you in advance for the interest that to carry(wear) you to our project to finalize our studies  :-[

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