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This is how you can pronounce the board's name in proper Italian, download the sound file in the format that better suits you:


"Add a bit of jazz and swing between the 'Ah' and the 'du' - then say the 'ino' as in "ee no""

Cool, i think that is the better pronunciation for the word ARDUINO.


its made up of two old italian words(latin based) it means "hard-work" and "small" like  the English word "arduous" and ino means small...




According to a recent article from wired magazine (in italian) http://mag.wired.it/rivista/storie/hai-un-idea-geniale-fai-come-mr-arduino-regalala-e-diventa-ricco.html
The board was named after a pub in the surroundings of the Interaction Design Institute, Ivrea , Tourin , Italy.
Obviously Arduino is not just a pub's name, it's a proper (not so common) noun!

Arduino is still used as a name and surname, in Italy and probably in most european countries. Infact according to a great italian site for name and surnames (in italian) http://www.gens.labo.net/it/nomi/genera.html?nome=arduino :
"It comes from the germanic name, Harduwin or Hardwin, made by hardu-, "strong" and wini, "friend", spread by the tribal population of the Franks  in the IXth century, consolidated thanks to  the prestige of few saints and the Italian king Arduino d'Ivrea (1002-1015).
The name day can be celebrated the 15th of august in memory of Saint Arduino from Rimini, died in 1009."

As of today this noun has more spread use as a surname
As you can see from the graph here http://www.gens.labo.net/it/cognomi/genera.html?cognome=ARDUINO&t=cognomi

The name has even more wide spread use when meaning our lovely microcontroller , so let's take this for the first, most important, meaning of the word Arduino !


On a related note, in quite a few of Arduino project-related video clips I've watched, people pronunce "solder" as "sodder"... never heard that before, maybe it's a US thing (I'm English)...

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Well, I'm Italian and I have no difficult saying it out loud  :P

Probably the best way to say it is : "Ard" - "do" - "eeno"

with "Ard" like "Hard" but without the H and "do" like the verb "to do"
I hope this make any sense to you, as I said I'm Italian not English mother tongue.


Ah yes. Well at least I'm not imagining it :)

Now don't get me started on "innernet"  ;D



I just call it 'the microcontroller' or 'that, err, the arduee, oh,whatever. That board I always play with.' It is quite annoying not being able to pronounce arduino.
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Grr, you people.

Do I really have to post it again?




Coding Badly:  This line "I put my soldering iron in it's hoLder, not it's hodder." pretty much sums it up :D


I call it ''The Holy Microcontroller''
this is the most funny topic :P


I am Italian and the files posted by D3C3PT1C0N are perfect.
Also the description given by lucky83 is ok.
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