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Hello Guys
I want your help in telling me your experience , I work on IOT project and prototype is fine now I want to scale it up and use a professional arduino that can be long lasting than the prototyping one and can be used outdoor and withstand the weather or even to be able to keep it running for a year or more as in IOT I can not switch it off unless maintenance.

the problem I have that the industrial versions are too expensive 200 USD which kills the project after getting the sensors and installing my product cost can not be justified.

and if I decide to work with the normal ones Ican not find a standard covers that have a space for relays or outlets for the wires of the sensors and I donot trust running the project with a prototype board.

I am confused and need your advise or recommendation to scale up the project


If $200 kills your project, then you are in the wrong profession.

I had one customer that needed a prototype for his project. He hired an engineer to design the prototype and used an Arduino nano. We built about 30 of the devices, which all worked well. Then the customer used that experience to have the final product designed. No Arduino.



$200 for an electronic that needs to withstand all of the elements 24/7, provide accurate and timely data, and needs to last for several years?  Good luck with that.  It can possibly be done if you're producing thousands of them, but even then you're not leaving yourself much margin.

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