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Hi there,

I'm looking to convert a couple of 5v pro mini's to 3.3v pro mini's.  I figure I'll have to swap the regulators, the bootloaders and the oscillators.  I am just wondering if anyone knows the part number for the 8 mHz oscillators as I can't seem to find a compatible one.

Also I think I found something that might work but it's listed as a resonator in digikey.  But what is the difference between a crytal, an oscillator and a resonator (from a google search it looks like and oscialltor is just a crystal with the control capacitors, but I may be wrong).




Why? You're just gonna end up damaging them.

Go to gravitech.us and buy 2 more, $17.95 each.

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if you are thinking about reprogramming the boot loader anyway you might take a look at changing the clock prescaler to divide by two. I'm not sure if that will work since I'm not sure the crystal oscillator will run at 16MHz on 3V3 but it's worth a try since it wouldn't require you to pry anything off the board.

Edit: I'd also look into running it off the internal 8MHz RC oscillator. The accuracy is not that bad depending on your application.


The internal clock is a nice option. Depending on the app ofcourse. If you need more precision you can always calibrate it. However, you will end up fluctuating with temperature.

Pros - no moding, change fuses and use an 8Mhz bootloader.
Cons - accuracy, long term stability and temperature drifts.

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