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Hello everyone,

I'm using in my project SDFat library(/* Arduino SdFat Library( Sd2Card Library)* Copyright (C) 2009 by William Greiman).

I made some recordings during 3 days and I found that sometimes there are some block of zeros between data on SD card. The structure of my data is timestamp (every second) and data from sensor. I checked that there is on SD card for example:

23.08.2011 12:00:54 data
block of zeros
23.08.2011 12:00:55 data

So I didn't loose any data, but there is block of zeros between correct data. Why did it jump? Does anybody have experience with such problem. Why i am asking about this problem, because in other project I'm using different microcontroller form Ti and different firmware for SD card and there I also have some problems with block of zeros or block of old data instead of correct data, so I'm loosing all the time my data. In case of Arduino project is there any mechanism implemented, that makes if there are some problems with writing data on the SD card (problem with erasing SD card or it takes too much time) it jumps to another "address" on Sd card??? Because maybe I will implement such mechanism in my other project.

Does anybody have the same problems???




Is there a consistent number of good bytes between the bad bytes?

What code are you running on the Arduino?
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Is there a consistent number of good bytes between the bad bytes?

No, the number of good bytes between the bad one is not consistent.


Try a later version of SdFat - current is dated 8/2/2011 I think.
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No, I haven't fixed that problem yet. At the moment I'm trying to solve my problem with MSP430, but I don't have any idea.


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