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I wanted the BOM for the arduino Mega 2560.
But, not the one exportable from Eagle (that one is incomplete) i needed one with real references from producers.

Because this way, having real references from producers, it´s easier to find equivalent electronic components.

Can someone with experience in the arduino production area help me?

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I'm also looking for a Mega 2560 BOM.  The BOM in the EAGLE files is incomplete and lacks part numbers for many components.  It seems like a BOM should be an essential component of open hardware.


The TLA stands for Bill Of Materials
TLA stands for Three Letter Accronym ;)
Rob Tillaart

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And where can i found the TLA?

Right now i have made a personal BOM because i have redesigned some aspects of the board.

But, any way, i would like to have a BOM/TLA to check my list

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