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Aug 30, 2020, 05:59 pm Last Edit: Aug 30, 2020, 06:01 pm by Marianthi Reason: interconnection problem
Dear Forum,

I am trying to connect my UNO motherboard to the IoT platform "The Thinks Network TTN". The hardware I am using is:

- Node: Arduino UNO with Dragino LORA SHield v1.4
- Gateway: Dragino LG01N

I have registered my gateway to the TTN platform efficiently. The problem is wireless communication between Node & Gateway.

I have downloaded software through      https://github.com/dragino/arduino-lmic, and I am following the guidelines through the attached DRAGINO manual. It seems that Gateway sends messages to Node but acceptance message never received back so connection fails.  

Could someone help me?
Thanks in advance for your kind attention

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