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Hi all,
I'm trying to get a design sorted for transferring my arduino projects to something more permanent. Would someone with a more experienced eye mind taking  a look at the image below? It's a bare bones arduino on stripboard. Power will be 2 or 4 AA batteries, hence no regulator. Not sure about the 100 nF caps (C3,4) - are they needed? I'm trying to make this as simple as possible, no ISP, regulator etc.

Also, anyone know if the RBBB or something similar is available in the uk?



Not sure about the 100 nF caps (C3,4) - are they needed?

They are only needed if you want the circuit to work reliably.



Thanks for the replies - wanted to get it right before I soldered anything!
spycatcher2k - you have a PM!


Sorry - jumped ahead of myself there! You should have one now!


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Rather than 2 or 4 AA cells, I suggest 3. This gives a supply range of about 3v (depleted NiMH cells) to about 4.8v (fresh alkaline cells). 2 cells will likely not give you enough volts at the low end, and 4 cells will give you too much at the high end. Alternatively, use 4 cells and a low-dropout 5v regulator.

btw I strongly recommend including a 6 pin ICSP header, so that you can update your program in-situ rather than having to pull the chip out every time. Maybe spycatcher2k's boards already have one?
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