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"Thank you, but I know exactly how to pronounce solder  "

You can 'talk the talk' , but can you 'walk the walk "

There's a website with an AI with a female asian
voice pronouncing it with the "L", ("soLder")


Some people may not realise British English and American English differ here, British pronounce solder
like boulder, colder, folder, shoulder, ie have anglicized the original French word ('souder') both in spelling
and pronuciation, whereas American English is closer to the French.

The original latin word is 'solidaire' (to make solid or join), which is where the L comes from.  Both
variations of English agree on the silent b in plumber/plumbing though...

You can understand why the latin word didn't become "solidering" in English, that's pretty awkward!
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Ah, didn't realize a "long o" vs a "short o" was used on the different sides of the pond (or whatever that might be called).

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Most people use needle nose pliers to insert the
resistors so they don't have that problem.
It all about using the proper tool.
I don't see the harm in injecting a bit of humor.
Maybe you shouldn't be so sensitive.

Is that directed at me? Were you joking before, during, or after your all-caps STILL NO PHOTOS post? :D


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Have posted a photo of the 'spaghetti legs" ?
Yes or no ?

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