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I'm working with Arduino mega 2560 and HC05 Bluetooth module. I'm facing an issue that is I'm not able receive HC05 data to serial monitor. I think there is issue with Tx&Rx(0,1 pin) of board. Bluetooth module working fine with Uno and Nodemcu.

Also Mega pin 0 & 1 working fine as digital pin i/o  but not working for serial communication.

And also Now able to upload code to Mega while Rx & Tx pin connected to Bluetooth module without any error, which this is not expected, why any idea?

Anyone have faced this issue, please help?


Pins 0,1 are connected to the USB<>Serial chip, and shouldn't be used for anything else.

A Mega has three extra unused serial pairs.
Use one of them to connect your BT module to.

There is a Mega multi-serial example in the IDE.


the Rx and Tx pins of HC-05 devices are usually 3.3V - if connected to a 5V mega use a level converster

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