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Hi, I'm working on a project that's building an indoor rock climbing equipment, and I was trying to figure out which motor to use in this project. Obviously it should be capable of holding body weight and should produce reasonable speed with it. Is there any option that you guys recommend for this project?



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Yes, I recommend that you not do what you are thinking of doing.
When mission critical tasks (like suspending humans high above the floor) go wrong due to mechanical or software problems, people get hurt.


Perhaps explain in more detail to assure us its not lethally dangerous?
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I thought the idea was to climb upwards and use gravity when you fall off to get down ,  so can't see why you want a motor.
Mechanical fall arrestors might be what you are after. You need to use proper safety equipment and not make your own .


mission critical tasks
Assuming there's an Arduino in there somewhere (just guessing, but we are in the Arduino forum) I'm pretty sure there's a clause in the datasheet about that.

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