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I would like to control a 12V steppen motor (Nema17) using a L298n motor driver module.
Is this possible?

Can the L298n handle 12V?

If not wich driver do I use?

Thanks in advance!


Possible: yes, adviseable: no.
google for "stepper driver"


Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


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If not wich driver do I use?
Post a data sheet for the stepper for informed advice.

The L298 is the last thing that I would use to drive any stepper or DC motor.  They are ancient and very inefficient technology.  Pololu has a range of modern stepper drivers.  I like Pololu cause they have good instructional pages for each of their products as well as reasonable prices.
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Over 20y ago, my first encounter with a stepper motor was with one I stripped out of a Xerox machine, I forget the model number, but I doubt it was a current model even then. That stepper was driven perfectly by a 298 in the machine. Point is though, the stepper and that driver were contemporaries; the 298 was the driver of the day, and the stepper of the same generation was a perfect fit. Today's steppers need today's drivers.

(That stepper was also a Nema of some number or other; but that's irrelevant since the number just tells you how far apart the mounting holes are. It says nothing at all about the electrical characteristics and driver requirements of the motor.)

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