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Hello, I'm a bit new with the Arduino platform, so please forgive my ignorance if it has been asked before, but I have tried searching quite rigorously on this forum (and the prior one) and can't seem to find a thorough answer to my question.

--At any rate...I would like to know if it is possible (in a feasible manner) to, say, buy an old audio cassette, erase it, and record some audio using a generic tape recorder, and from this point, create my own Arduino based cassette player to play back the audio? The goal would be to actually purchase a magnetic reader head from one of the numerous online suppliers, situate it over the cassette tape, and link it with the Arduino's input in order to read audio from this, upon a proper motor being initiated to drive the cassette. My confusion lies in how I would retrieve the audio signal, and then allow the Arduino to either process it, or send it directly to a speaker output...and would a preamp come before or after the Arduino-signal-retrieval circuit, or would the Arduino function as a preamp itself for processing the signal for output? The goal is not to write to the cassette by any means, though, although that may be a cool feature to incorporate, I merely want to read the data without utilizing an external cassette player, for instance. I understand that this may not be the most practical project, as cassette tape is, more or less, a dead format, however, this would be merely for my own experimental purposes.

Again, I apologize for my lack of present understanding of the described circuit, any help or insight would be appreciated!

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