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Hi guys,

I'm new here and also new to Arduino :)

I would like some help please.  I need to build a small unit (as small as possible)

It should consist of 3 parts:

1. Trigger (This has to be a vibration sensor device)
2. Sound player (Like a mp3 player.  About the size of the Apple Shuffle but I only need it to be about 10/20mb in size)
3. Speaker (I need a speaker to be as loud as a cellphone when on Hands Free)

Going into more detail:

1.  The sensor will be on a part that will give off vibration.  Like the FBI guys have when they speak to team mates and have that things around their neck or like that dog collar that when the dog barks it shocks them... Same idea.  Once it gets the vibration it should tell the mp3 player to play

2.  The mp3 player should be able to connect to a pc via mini-usb (or something similar.)  It has to have 3 switches.  1 is for On/Off, another to play in random mode or normal mode, and another to repeat a certain track.  Keep in mind this should be a really small device in total and it can only have 10/20mb space available.  Also if you put a 3minute song on this it should only play 5-8 seconds and skip to the next track (so it will be leaving out the rest of the song.)

3.  I need a speaker that is small in size and should be able to play as loud as a phone that is put on Hands Free mode.  If a volume control unit can be installed it would be good.  

There's no pause or skip buttons that I need.  Can someone please help me out on this.

Here's some products that I've seen that I can use (I think):

Speaker amp:


Vibration Sensor:



And I have no idea on how the mp3 player thing will work.

Keep in mind I'm in South Africa so might not get all the parts like you will be able to get :)


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