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Set up is as follows...

10 - WS2812b (BTF) strips all in 1 universe/controller (Falcon Player/Arduino) running in parallel on their own power supply. 
Question is, what is that power supply requirement?

5 x 16.4FT 30Pixels/m (150Pixels) (5v)

5 x 16.4FT 60Pixels/m (300Pixels) (5v)

If my math is right and my understanding of the draw...

Since each LED pulls 60 mA on full white which is  9 & 18, amps per strip (based on the data sheet)

so my math has:

5 strips x 9a = 45a
5 strips x 18a = 90a

Does this mean I need 135 amp minimum to connect all the strips to 1 PSU? (power Injection questions coming later).

135a feels 'wrong' based on the posts I've read but then again I have read MANY posts online and many say RTFM. or go too deep technically none that say, if you add x lines its this math...

Just trying to figure out what PSU I should get!

Amazon has a 70a 350W (5v) unit, but... is that 'enough'?

Help a brother out please!



I can't see anything wrong with your maths. You need to consider if all the LEDs will ever be all on at once, if you are sure they won't be then you might be ok with a lower power PSU. If they are all going to be on together then don't forget to put welding goggles on first  :)

If it were me I'd use a number of smaller PSUs each located close to the strip of LEDs they power. Power both ends and the middle at the very least and join the grounds.

Hopefully someone else will add some more comments about correct wiring.


As always, a proper description of the overall purpose, and in the case of WS2812s, what reticulation of control signals is proposed, would be singularly germane.

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