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I need to build a analogue stage box for 12 channels. The existing system has a 25 mtr cable and it weighs 25 Kilo. I'm getting older and its getting to heavy for me. So I looked at the CatRack from SoundTools https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FfmZKXo3Z0 but thats $500 and to much for me to get, I need at least 8 mic channels plus 2x Main speaker and x2 monitor channels, so it can be thought of 12 channels. I see that SoundTools uses x3 seperate boards of x4 each, Having 3 cat 6 cabeles is fine but I'm sure they can get a faster cable to take more channels, I don't really understand network science at this level. My question is how can it be done using a DIY PCB like Arduino, I understand from research it can be done. I can build the hardware but not the controllers. Does anyone know how its done.


They claim that it's fully passive, so it's probably just remapping the inputs to the CAT-5 cables. Remember that each cable has 8 conductors so 3 of them give you 12 differential pairs.

No arduino required.

How much would three 75m CAT5 cables weigh?
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There will be baluns each end, but nothing else.

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