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I cannot seem to be able to send SMS with the MKR 1400 GSM. I got the device with the SIM card from Arduino. I activated the SIM card.

1. Running the script from Arduino IDE : I get a message on the serial monitor that GSM was initialized, asks for the phone number, message then says complete. I however do not receive the SMS

2. Using the Getting started: it says cannot connect to GSM network. What should I put for
         - Secret APN, Secret PIN, Secret User Name, Secret Password?

What am I missing?

Thanks for your help!


From https://store.arduino.cc/digital/sim#
Arduino SIM connects to Arduino IoT Cloud only.
So you won't be able to use it to send SMS. You can use it with Arduino IoT Cloud, and you can use webhooks from Arduino IoT Cloud to connect to other online services. Those services may allow you to send SMS.

I also have a Hologram SIM and have not been able to send SMS with this either. I believe the reason is because I haven't yet purchased a phone number for the Hologram SIM.


What should I put for
         - Secret APN, Secret PIN, Secret User Name, Secret Password?
You can find this information if you click on the card under the "MY SIM Cards" section of Arduino Create Device Manager:
I think it takes something like a day between activating the card and when it becomes ready to use.

I believe the information is the same for all cards. This is what it is on mine:
APN: prepay.pelion
Username: arduino
Password: arduino
Default PIN: 0000


I also have the same issue. Aparently the Sim card that comes in the kit can only communicate with Arduino  cloud. (which I am also having a hard time to accomplish)

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