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Aug 06, 2020, 07:42 am Last Edit: Aug 06, 2020, 08:14 am by jwestmoreland

OK - thanks for that.

From pert's suggestions, we had started this:  #arduinoProPortentaH7  - so, that's on twitter already.

I still can't view the link.

Arduino Facebook Page - I can see just fine.

This should be visible to those that do not have a twitter account:
Arduino Portenta 'Wonders' H7 Viewable Hastag

Arduino Public Group That Can Be Viewed Just Fine

John W.


I will make the group viewable although I think it's already public. As for twitter, my hashtag ideas are #PortentaGroup or #PortentaCommunity or for precision same thing with Arduino in front.
John. It is weird, the facebook group is public, I think possibly only for facebook users. Daniel has shown that there are some sites which are fully public for anyone on the internet but that doesn't seem to be easy to set.

As far as the twitter hashtag request I tweeted Arduino but no reply so far.

Here is the "public" tweet


Could forum twitter members reply to the tweet.



Like I show in the post above ^^^^ there's an example of a public Arduino forum - not sure what the issue is but whatever the issue is - it should be fixed so the rest of us at least can see what's going on.

As I show above ^^^^ too, the twitter hashtag can be followed externally - so, still waiting to see that happen for the portenta group.



Sorry John, I have minimal power in that area, as I am not the group owner, but if anyone can find a link on how to do it, I did search about generating a fully public facebook group URL and it is not an easy thing to find info about. The group is public.

On a positive note Arduino did DM me on twitter about the preferable social media hashtag. They suggested #PortentaH7 as it already has some traction. (Probably mostly by me  ::) ). I was just pleased to get a direct message from Arduino. 



I was hoping to have something more local to this group like #arduinoProPortentaH7 that already follows with what per1234 had suggested in this thread, and they are from Arduino - I assume it means person 1, 2, 3 ,or 4 - whomever has pulled public duty for the day. 

The other one (#) has more following already- but it seems more non-local to this group here - and people that don't seem to be too concerned about actually programming the boards; but that's just an opinion.  I guess that's viewable by the general public - unlike the Facebook group started via this thread.
Oh well - since that's gone radio silent I'll give up and proclaim since that group can't be viewed, AFAICT, it's PRIVATE.  I have examples in this thread (above) that show truly public groups on Facebook.

John W.


Facebook is very annoying like that. I encounter the same thing even with the business pages that don't even have the option to be made private. It may be that the groups you're seeing are grandfathered in to an older policy, or simply that the algorithm is currently deigning to allow people not signed in to view. The Arduino Portenta group's settings are:
Anyone can see who's in the group and what they post

Anyone can find this group.
so the settings are as permissive as they can be. It's just the way Facebook is.

That said, it's really not the worst thing to have a Facebook account. You just need to avoid the areas populated by toxic time wasters and stick to the corners of Facebook where the people interested in using it productively congregate, such as this Portenta group.


Just wanted to say somehow the Portenta Group Page is now visible without a facebook account!

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