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I am looking to make a counting device using a 7 segment screen.

The casing I am looking at is:

The number I am looking at is:

I have attached a quick drawing I put together using the image of the actual case I am looking at and superimposing the number onto it (estimated to scale). The buttons are just random and I am open to any type of button.

Number 1 should be displayed as green
Number 2 - 9 should be displayed as red

One button should increase the number, the other should decrease. Device should turn off if 'down' is pressed when 1 is displayed on the screen. Device should turn on when 'up' is pressed and no number is displayed on the screen. Nothing should happen if 'up' is pressed and 9 is displayed on the screen.

Goal is for this to be a rechargeable device. I would like the number to dim after 2 minutes of no buttons being pressed.

Thanks in advance for pricing!


Have you located multi-color 7-segment displays yet? Try looking at www.kingbrightusa.com
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