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TSOP1138 is not really designed for "beam breaking". Read page 5 of the datasheet and you'll see that it expects the IR signal to have 10 cycle pauses every 16-70 cycles. The preferred Vishay brand module would be TSOP4038 or TSOP58038 which is described as a "presence sensor" and has no cycle-pause requirement.

There's a lot of code and wiring that you aren't showing here. The code you've shown us is only designed to send IR signals and doesn't say anything about an IR receiver.


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Seems that you've dropped carrier, but maybe you're still looking for a solution.  "Chagrin" has touched on some good points.

Looking around, many have posed similar questions.  I originally wrote this for someone in another forum.
Have a look here, though:

It's not blazingly fast and it likely could stand some tweaking, but it may suffice for your needs.
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