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I have been using Arduino Uno for the passed 10 days and it has been compiling and working correctly,but today when i reinstalled windows 7 to 32bit(Ultimate),it was again working properly but when I installed the BIT Defender Antivirus,iy blocked some files,then when i realised that i uninstalled BIT Defender,the Arduino Drivers and everything,but my problem is that when i try to compile the sketches it brings a compilation error that Cannot run program "C:\Program Files\arduino-0022\hardware\tools\avr\bin\avr-g++":CreateProcess error=2,The system cannot find the file specified.    
Yet the serial port,Board and everything is configured as it is supposed to be,what can i do to trouble shoot this.


Try installing it outside of the program files area - I have a folder called mytools, I run the ide from there with no problems.
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