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Greetings everyone
I have a code (Backlit_Automated_Perpetual_Calendar) that I got from a colleague on the internet, made for a Perpetual Calendar with LED strips and I would like to combine it with another code (TM1637_7Segment_Display_NTP_Clock) made for a Clock with the TM1637 Module. I've tried to combine but it didn't work. I was embarrassed because the first code uses the NTP.h library and has the header #ifndef NTP_H and #define NTP_H. And the second code uses the NTPClient.h library, so I would like someone to help, please.

Note 1: I note here that both codes were made for ESP8266.
Note 2: NTP.h belongs to the first code.

Forgive my English, as it is not my native language.


Hello Dancopy
How are you?
Please check this tutorial for your project.
Best regards
ans stay healthy
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Hi Peter!
First, thanks for the tutorial link and for trying to help me.
I even managed to understand how the principle of the union of sketches works, but, as I said, one sketch uses the NTP.h library and the other uses the NTPClient.h library, so I think that is where it is showing some errors, maybe functions? !
I will make a few more attempts, however, if someone else can help me, I thank you all.


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Someone else to help me?
If there is no solution, I will have to use two boards: esp8266 to manage the Calendar + Arduino Nano or Mini with RTC Module to manage the Clock, although the space is small.
I've tried in several ways, but I couldn't; my experience is little!

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