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Hello everyone,

I'll be using 2 IKEA wall mounted tables. I need a simple solution to open/close them using a physical button.

The amount of force needed to lift the table & slide the support in place is minimal so I believe a servo motor could be useful.

What do you all think?/Has anyone worked on something similar?
Are there local hobbyist in cities that might be able to lend a hand with this project?




Get a scale, measure the force you need to open the thing - it'll most likely be a bit greater than you think.


That's a good point. Thank you for sharing that. Do you have any thoughts on what would be good for lifting something this heavy?


Quick & Dirty: string, levers, geared motot + 2 endswitches.
small & beautiful: same stuff used to open windows.


If you use a linear actuator like the ones from Progressive Automations, you won't need anything other than a power supply and an on/off switch: they will stop at end of travel.
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