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Topic: [Hacktoberfest] We need hardcore geeks to help us with MyOpenLab and SimulIDE  (Read 184 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello tinkers,

We are well in the month of October now, and there is so much new blood pumped into different FLOSS communities. Following this and this Reddit posts, we have also some great developers helping us with the fork of MyOpenLab (i.e., now called MyLibreLab) and the fork/clone of SimulIDE software.

To give you some context, MyOpenLab/MyLibreLab is a visual programming environment, kinda similar to LabVIEW, with the main goal to help the user design simple GUI interfaces for their hardware (e.g., Arduino and other MCUs). SimulIDE on the other hand is a hardware emulation software. Basically, if you want to develop a circuit board including an Arduino or AVR/PIC MCUs, and you don't have them at hand or are afraid that you may mess things up, or simply for documentation, you may use it. You could consider SimulIDE as a FLOSS alternative to  Proteus Virtual System Modelling (VSM). If you are interested to know more about this software, check the Reddit posts above ☝️ or simply Google them.

Did I get your attention?  ;)  now you can help by:

  • Do you know Java? Help with MyLibreLab development. Check our issues, review our pull request. Try to compile the software on any operating system you have and if it doesn't compile, open new issues.
  • Do you know Qt, CMake, C++? do the same for SimulIDE. Check the issues, review the pull requests, , try to compile the software on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and if you had complications, open new issues.
  • Don't know programing? worry not. We need hardcore testers too. If you have an Arduino around, go ahead and test MyOpenLab/MyLibreLab. Don't have Arduino around? that's why we are developing SimulIDE under the MyLibreLab umbrella. use these two in combination, if you don't have any hardware at hand
  • Join our Discord server, participate in the discussions, or start new ones. share ideas. heck we have an offtopic channel too if you wanna just hangout

Looking forward to having as many of you folks on our GitHub and Discord.

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