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Topic: how expand the gnd from 1 pin to like 20 points i need for a pcb busbar ? (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


how expand the gnd    from 1 pin to like 20 points

 i need for a pcb

how do i expand from 1 point to more points

so iam looking for a shematic whit the correct traces sizes etc

maby busbar connect all gnd to that

maby use the 1 gnd point connect all gnd wires from 1 point

need 2gnd for stepper driver controller
need 2gnd for max and min home sensor x 2
need 2gnd for sensor x 2 detect items
need 2gnd start button and stop button
need few gnd for info leds maby a screen

then wanne power all this from the vin pin so need that ground also for the power input

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