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As at teacher and using chromebook by students and usuing "Arduino Web Create". Verify and compile works but not the communcation at upload and even not the monitor.
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I am New also but maybe I can Help.

Are the Arduino drivers installed on the Chromebook

If so are their ports and speed set in you config files?

(check your device properties window

not sure about chromebook but if it is running windows check in "control panel/devices and printers" .


Not familiar with the ChromeBook. You will need to determine at the OS level if the boards are recognised. If they are not, you probably will have to install the drivers.

If your Unos are clones, the needed driver might be the CH340 driver; inspect the chip closest to the USB connector. Usual chips are the Atmel 16U2, FTDI and CH340; unusual (from reading on the forum), it can also be a Prolific CP...

A ChromeBook does not run on Windows ;) It uses ChromeOS.
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When Google released the latest version of Chrome OS, v.85, there was an issue making Arduino Chrome App unable to detect some boards.

We have since then updated Chrome App to temporarily solve this issue, while waiting for Google to fix the OS version, or release the next version.

If you update your Arduino Chrome App to the latest version, your Chromebook should be able to detect your boards again.

If this doesn't resolve it, please contact us here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/contact-us and specify your issue in detail.

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