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Hi everyone,
I think this topic relate to this forum.
Im trying to do the Printed Arduino CNC Drawing Machine from this vid:

in the video the guy uses Arduino Uno + CNC Shield.
Im having problems with finding CNC Shield card in my country, but i have few motherboards of 3D printers such as Anet A8 and Ender 3.

I wonder if i can replace the Arduino Uno+Cnc Shield with one of those motherboard for that project?


The machine runs the GRBL controller firmware.  You will have to make GRBL work with the processor on the other motherboard, if possible.  I think that there is a version of GRBL for the Mega (2560).  Google should find it.  You will have to set GRBL up to work with the other motherboard.  That means at least changing the pins called for X, Y step and direction,  pen up and down and limit switches as well as the other relevant settings.   I think that, with a bit of work and research, you could get one of those boards to work.


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ok thanks for the comment.
the thing is that i am really noob at electronics haha.
will it make it easier if ill buy the Arduino Uno 3 that he uses in the video and try to find an alternative for the CNC shield?
what can replace the CNC shield?

again. thanks!

Edit: by saying version of GRBL for Mega (2560) you mean just to get the board and flash the GRBL on it?


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by saying version of GRBL for Mega (2560) you mean just to get the board and flash the GRBL on it?
I am saying that, if your Anet A8 or Ender 3 board has the Mega2560 processor, you may be able to flash one with the mega version of grbl to use for your printer instead of a CNC shield.

I say may because i have no experience with those boards nor the mega version of grbl.

Best case for you, since you are inexperienced, would be to find a source for the Uno and CNC shield V3.  They are widely available. 


Thanks mate that really helped me. i found cheap CNC shield eventually!
I have another question. can i connect LCD to arduino uno or to the CNC Shield ? 


The I2C pins are on a header on the CNC shield.  That would be the easiest way to connect a LCD.

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