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I have an old mp3 player lying around that has a nice color display. I was wondering if it is compatible with the arduino. The screen is still good but the rest of the player is conked out.


Maybe it is maybe it isn't  ]:)


it is a 22 pin display. I don't know if its serial or not.


here's a picture of what the mp3 looks like. its a hip street 7334 4 gig max. its a 1.5 inch display.


I am afraid that I don't have my magic glasses on me today that can see through the case XD

You will find that most people on here are more than willing to help, but without enough details that will be a long time coming as we simply don't know how to advise you.  Unless someone with prior knowledge of that mp3 player and display happens to stumble across your post you won't find any unfortunately.

What I suggest is that you carefully disassemble the device, taking hi-res up-close pictures as you go and documenting anything you find - details of the type of connection, any labels on the boards, anything like that needs documenting.  Also if you can trace the lines from the display on the board to any form of IC, please take pictures of any labelling on the IC.

I'm afraid that this will take some work, but if you get it working, the reward will be more than worth it.

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