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I live in South NJ and need some help learning the Arduino world. I have to offer my abilities as a master welder and journeyman machinist. I have much of the equipment and tools to build just about anything. this is a perfect opportunity to combine skills and make some incredible projects while learning from each other. If this of interest to you and you live nearby great. If not we can work on skype basis and meet up occasionally for in person meetings to exchange ideas and project parts. I look forward to talking with anyone interested.
My info is as follows:
Ben Capobianco
(609)290-0765 ~ text only please
Bencapobianco1@gmail.com ~ I don't check my email often so text is best to reach me

Thank you for reading this,


I feel it is better to learn from websites rather than videos ( My opinion )  :)

If this of interest to you and you live nearby great....
Would you like to meet up with a person during COVID?
It's better if you check the internet  ( your friend ) before posting..! ;)
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