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Hi r0yy,

Here's a link to Pololu's webpage on dealing with motor noise: https://www.pololu.com/docs/0J15/9

As you've already tried point 1 on the linked page, it might be worth trying points 2 and/or 4.


At this point I am able to get the I2C working at a stable rate by adding 10k resistors on SDA SCL as pull ups

The bot is working stable as intended with a single lipo battery powering the whole thing. However when I mount the electronics into the bot adruino starts freezing again sometimes it can't read the sensor any more. 

The bot works best with the following setup motor controller and arduino away from the motors as shown in the picture

with the other two setups the bot freezes within 5-10 seconds on powering on

I am using fiber glass copper clad board as the base of the bot with the copper intact could that be an issue?

 can I use it as a ground shielding(i dont know how it works but was planning to solder a ground wire to the copper clad) 


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Hi r0yy,

Thanks for the images.

It might be worth adding extra support to your MPU6050 breakout board. It's just that motor vibration can disturb the gyroscope and acceleromter, especially when the board's only physical support is a female pin header.

On my quadcopter I used two, 8mm, nylon hex threaded spacers and nuts, both with M3 threads, plus two small squares of double sided foam tape at the base of each of them, to provide cushioning from vibration:

The quadcopter also required the MPU6050's DLPF to be set to 20Hz. Note that the two 2N7000 N-Channel MOSFETs provide the I2C 5V to 3.3V level shifting.

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