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Can we see your code for the controller?
The output of the ACS712 will be at 1/2 of its supply voltage with no current flowing.

Thanks.. Tom... :)
Everything runs on smoke, let the smoke out, it stops running....


Hi Tom, thanks for your comments and advices.

Turn it on without the motor connected first, and check your supply voltages.
Ok, its a good advice. Skipping steps is part of anxious persons like me.
About operation sequence:

Are you just turning the motor ON and OFF with the switch?
Or have you got a sequence involving fwd/rev operation?
By now I'm trying with a manual on/off.
A char variable keep turning direction, so with the same button I can press on (clock), then off, then on again (counterclock) for covering the 3 states.

Still dont have code the code I want, but yeah, thats the idea: a sequence that turn fwd during x time, then stop, then rev operation for another lapse, using millis().

About ACS712:

The output of the ACS712 will be at 1/2 of its supply voltage with no current flowing.
Yes. There's no problem with the "b" parameter of "[Current] = a x [Voltage] + b". I mean, its very closer than the 2500 mV expected (result: 2492 mV) and yes, it's the half part of 0-5V voltage supplied. The problem is the fact that the y-intercept its the only value in common with the curve I have during system running.

Maybe I need to recalculate the slope "a" again, but as part of my circuit, and discard the value that I got with the other simpler circuit.

However, it seems like ACS712 feels bad sharing power supply with the measured circuit even in case of low currents. By now I cant rely on it if I want stop gear in case of higher currents than those the 24VDC can manage. Isolatinf? Filtering? Dont know how.

Many thanks. Cheers!


Tested circuit w/ diodes..... And it worked! I'm happy to say this one its solved.

I think that the issue about ACS712 should be part of a new thread because it's nothing to do with axperiences about Arduino reseting.

@TomGeorge, I'll probably ask you about code issues later. Have not much to show by now.

Thanks everyone for your advices and specially @Grimpy_Mike for helping me placing diodes at its correct positions.
Bye (by now)

PD: how can I mark this thread as [SOLVED]?


Glad it worked out.
PD: how can I mark this thread as [SOLVED]?
Go to the first post in the thread. At the bottom left hand corner there are the words "Quote Quick Edit More ... and a down pointing triangle. Move your pointer onto this and a menu will pop up. Click on Modify and change just the title to start with [SOLVED].

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