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Topic: WiFi Rev2 board unable to update to v 1.4.1 (Read 109 times) previous topic - next topic


I have been using the WiFi Rev 2 board for several weeks quite successfully, but when I run some of the example sketches I'm told I need to update the firmware. I ran the firmware checker sketch and sure enough it told me I had v 1.0.3 and should have v 1.4.1. I followed the instructions (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/WiFiNINA-FirmwareUpdater ), However, when I go to Tools WiFi 101/ WiFiNina firmware updater, the first box correctly shows my board and COM port, but when I go to box 2 to select the firmware to update, the latest version shown in the dropdown is "NINA firmware (1.3.0) (Arduino Uno WiFi Rev20" - i.e. the firmware I already have. I went ahead anyway thinking that I might get the latest version anyway. The update ran successfully, but when I ran the checker I got the same message as before. I still have v 1.3.0 and need v 1.4.1. Help!


Please don't worry about this message. The 1.3.0 version of the firmware will work just fine. You will be able to update to 1.4.1 when the next release of the Arduino IDE comes out.

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