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First, I'm not talking about "upload/update sketches (programs)" in Arduino Flash memory. I'm really talking about
Many posts and web site explain how to flash Arduino Mega 2560 board using some general methods. 

1. From another Arduino Board (Like Gammon explain)
2. From DFU mode with Linux machine
3. Using MicroChip Atmega FLIP JRE application

These methods seem great and not to hard to do... But they are somewhat "long and waste time" methods... I explain:


First, something is weird and I never found an answer is to this question:

"How to known the actual firmware version runs on my Arduino Board ?"

It's fun to known that I can upgrade the firmware to fix some stability issues... But why updating it if it's already the latest version (or  newer) ?

PLEASE LET ME KNOWN How to get the version number/value ?



1. From another Arduino Board (Like Gammon explain). 

It's ok, funny, working... But need a lot of hardware and time resource if this can be done from a computer (Linux)...

2. From DFU mode with Linux machine

This seem the most easier method that I found, but not run on Windows machine. Yes I (me) can work with Linux (Debian) but it's not for all people.

3. Using MicroChip Atmega FLIP JRE application

It's crazy. This tool is developped from the builder of the chip and it working on very very old computer only ! Application is based on Windows 2000/XP with old Java Runtime 5 update 11 ! Lack of security platform... Also itt be complicated to found a recent computer that support these old OS.

Then, If it's possible to flash firmware from Linux... it's possible to do it from a  computer ?!? Why no easy tool exist under Windows in DFU mode ?

I searched on the Internet and obviously nothing is really documented about this subject. But' testing many applications  I observed with "mBlock application" I have an option to flash Arduino Mega 2560 firmware. I tested this option and something seem to really FLASH something !!! But, again nothing tell me if the flash process was done properly because no option to "show/read firmware version was burned in the chip".

Finally, may be some tools seem existing to flash... but no one seem able to just test/read firmware info. If someone say HOW TO DO  ?

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