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Hi guys,

could you please help me to solve the following problem?

In my project, I store the wifi SSID and pass:

Code: [Select]
char* homeWifiSSID = "DefaultSSID";
char* homeWifiPassword = "DafaultPassword";

Later, we can send parameters (for example new wifi data) to the ESP, the program will write them to ESP's memory.
Next time, after "boot", in a function, it tries to read its memory: 

Code: [Select]
String ssidString = readFromMemory(1, 30); // gives back a String, for example "newSSID"
char homeWifiSSID[ssidString.length()+1]; 
ssidString.toCharArray(homeWifiSSID, ssidString.length()+1);
Serial.print("homeWifiSSID = "); Serial.println(homeWifiSSID);

The main purpose is to connect to the network with the new data but in the "connect" function the ESP tries to connect to the "defaultSSID" network. So, my question is: How can I send the new SSID to the memory where the *homeWifiSSID "points"?

Thanks for your answers!




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You don't want to "put new data in" as string pointer that's defined:
Code: [Select]
char* homeWifiSSID = "DefaultSSID";
Because you'll overwrite the string literal which can cause bad things to happen. In fact, that definition is wrong. It should be:
Code: [Select]
const char* homeWifiSSID = "DefaultSSID";
Or, even better:
Code: [Select]
const char * const homeWifiSSID = "DefaultSSID";
If you want to be able to change the string on the fly, use an char array instead:
Code: [Select]
char homeWifiSSID[20] = "DefaultSSID";
Where the size of the array (20 in my example above) needs to be large enough to hold the largest string you'll ever try to put in there (plus the terminating null). To change the contents of the string, use strncpy().
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Yes, but because of the snippet of code, it appears that homeWifiSSID is declared twice, which could also cause problems.

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