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There are 2 types of board on the market:
- with resistors
- with adapter IC 3.3V  to 5V
This one on the picture with resistors:
but schema on their web site with SN74ALVC164245

Anyone knows which resistors can be used to replace SN74ALVC164245 ?


The SN74ALVC164245 16-Bit 2.5-V to 3.3-V or 3.3-V to 5-V Level-Shifting Transceiver With 3-State Outputs. It is not directly replaceable with resistors.  Resistors are all passive devices, the SN74ALVC164245 is an active deviice.
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ok, will change the question:
anybody have a schema with resistors?


Maybe you could start by explaining what resistors have to do with a TFT shield.
I didn't see anything about that on the website.
What are the resistors for ?


if you click on the link from first post you will see a bunch of resistors on PCB.
That was first version of this adjustable shield.
Later they changed it to 3.3V to 5V converter.
Both versions are working fine.
Resistors or IC converter are used because LCD is working on 3.3V data, mega-5V.
I'm looking for schematic of first version.

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