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Hey everyone,

     I am a complete newbie with all of this and just trying to follow someone else's instructions to make a cool animated Halloween decoration.  I have an Arduino Mega 2560 with an attached Adafruit Waveshield that I assembled myself (I am pretty sure correctly).  I am trying to run the attached code to do the SDReadTest and this is my result:

card.init failed
SD error
errorCode: 1
errorData: FF

I followed the instructions about formatting the SD Card as well.

Can anyone explain to me what might be going on?



Hello kdavies2010
How are you?
Did you make a cross check using an Arduino UNO?
At the  first reading I canĀ“t see who do a look to the shield related pining. To be checked.
wbr Peter
and stay healthy
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I'm not sure what you mean by your questions.  I do not have an Arduino Uno to test the Waveshield.  I get that there may be some issues with defining pins but can you reference a certain part of the code for me to check whether or not the pins are correct?

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