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Oct 22, 2020, 03:23 pm Last Edit: Oct 22, 2020, 05:29 pm by ckambiselis
I just got my WAN 1310 from the Arduino store and uploaded the MKRWAN_v2->FirstConfiguration sketch to test it and after the sketch gets uploaded I get the "Failed to start module" message on the serial monitor.

I also tried it by uncommenting the "LoRaModem modem(Serial1);" line and commented the "LoRaModem modem;" (which by the way is not mentioned that only one option should be uncommented and took me some time to understand what was wrong since the upload failed).

And it also fails with the LoraSendAndReceive sketch.

Any idea what could be the problem, is the board bad or am I missing something?


Using the FirstConfiguration sample from the MKRWAN library, there is no problem, it is connecting to the module and it asks to set the options in the sketch. So there is something worng with the v2 library or the brand new MKR WAN 1310 I got doesn't have the latest firmware which you would expect it would have.

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